Lexi Locks Extensions

Welcome to Lexi Locks! 

My Name is Alexis Tilton and I'm a licensed hair stylist and founder of Lexi Locks. A bonafide hair fanatic and Extension Junkie with over 10 years' experience both behind the chair and most recently, operating a mobile hair and extension boutique in the D.C. area.
I Realized early on in my career that my true passion for hair lied in hair extensions. I always found myself amazed at not only the dramatic transformations afforded by extensions, but also the smiles on my clients faces as they were leaving the salon with their new gleaming locks (Weave Confidence one of my clients calls it).

From then on, I made it my mission to study the trade. I traveled the world, learning about the many types, installation processes, and manufacturing of all variations of hair extensions. In my travels, I learned what worked and what didn't, which methods were the easiest and most challenging, and above all, what it took to bring you, yes you, Beautiful Lexi Locks.

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